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Over 4 Billion Miles of Operation and 65 Million Hours of Successful Run Time in Engines

Visit the Xtreme Fuel Optimizer Website to learn more and order the product:

REDUCE fuel costs

INCREASE fuel mileage (mpg) up to 8% tractors/15% vehicles

INCREASE lubrication, prolong engine life, reduce engine wear

INCREASE generator fuel efficiency up to 20%

INCREASE fleet top line revenue (sales) up to 40%+

INCREASE performance and horsepower (Efficient burn of BTUs in fuel)

INCREASE stabilization of fuel and improving poor fuel quality

REDUCE carbon buildup

REDUCE fleet maintenance costs

REDUCE carbon footprint (reduced emissions)

Over a 20-year Track Record of Proven Results

        Significant Return on Investment

                  Promotes Cost Savings

                         Environmentally Friendly

Why Use Fuel Additives?

  • Additives to diesel fuel enhance the temperature as well as optimize fuel burn, which enables the vehicle engine to function more efficiently and also provide more power and energy.
  • Fuel additives are efficient when it comes to improving the manner in which fuel is burned. This increased efficiency especially enhances the performance of diesel engines.
  • Fuel additives are superb at cleaning injectors, which are also instrumental to the smooth functioning of the engine machinery.
  • Most additives are composed of several components, and the exceptionally good ones contain one form of lubricant or another that help diesel engines, particularly, to operate efficiently, thus reducing wear and tear, and keeping it running longer as well as minimizing the cost of maintenance.
  • Some additives are corrosion inhibitors which also help prolong the lifespan of an engine by collaboratively working with lubricants to prevent moving metal parts of engines from corroding.
  • Fuel additives improve fuel economy as repairs and running costs are reduced.
  • Driving in cold countries or during winter periods, especially during freezing weather, there is a high risk of breakdown for diesel-powered vehicles due to crystallization of the diesel fuel, which in turn, prevents the flow of fuel around the engine. When this happens, the vehicle becomes nearly useless. Using additives ensures the quality of fuel is improved and engines function at optimum operation levels.

What is XFO™?

An additive that contains an oil-soluble organo-metallic compound which functions as a ‘burn rate modifier’ and a ‘catalyst’ to lower the ignition point of fuel in the combustion chamber by several hundred degrees. 

The Seven Key Components of XFO™
  • Organo-metallic compound - A catalyst that ignites fuel at a lower temperature, providing a longer, more complete burn of the fuel. This causes the fuel to be used more efficiently, providing improved fuel economy and less wasted fuel out the exhaust, which reduces emissions. The organo-metallic compound burns more of the available BTUs of the fuel. 
  • Detergent – Removes harmful deposits from fuel pumps, injectors and throughout the fuel system.
  • Lubricant – Provides lubrication to pistons, fuel pumps and injectors, reducing friction and prolonging the working life of the engine.
  • Fuel Stabilizer – Prolongs the life of stored fuel; ideal for seldom used equipment.
  • Polymerization Retardant & Dispersant - Reduces sludge buildup in fuel which can plug filters.
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor – Prevents tank and fuel system corrosion caused by oxidation and condensation.
  • Demulsifier – Helps remove water from fuel

XFO™ is Proven to Enhance Operational Performance in Many Sectors

  Trucking       Construction     Industrial       Public Transportation      Farming & Agriculture              

XFO™ works effectively on all types of fuels     

What Makes XFO™ Standout from the Others?

XFO™ (“Xtreme Fuel Optimizer”) is derived from the Nobel Prize winning chemistry for NASA in the space shuttle program in the 1970’s.  The inventor of the XFO™ fuel additive is a strategic consultant for the SSI team.  XFO™ combines with diesel fuel or gasoline to create a more efficient combustion event.  XFO™ is a fuel borne catalyst with a primary active ingredient of a soluble organ-metallic compound that helps to reduce ignition delay by improving combustion chamber mixing through improved molecular dispersion. Fuel molecules have a tendency to clump together producing an inefficient burn, and XFO™ spreads these molecules to present a fuller, more even, and more powerful burn. 


Over 30 years and millions of miles, XFO™ has developed a proven and well-documented track record of reducing fuel consumption and diesel emissions in Class 8 tractors and other diesel engines. 

  • Highlights of TMC / SAE J-1321 Type II, gravimetric and carbon mass balance methods tests (see library for full results --   
    • XFO™ lowered fuel consumption 5.05 % for two Kenworth T-800 Series tractors, 7.2 % during steady state testing in school busses, 7 % in a maritime vessel, 7.5 % in two Kenworth tractors with a Cummins ISX engine and a Peterbilt with a Caterpillar C15 engine, and 8.13 % in three C-13 Caterpillar powered motor coach industries busses. 
    • XFO™ provides up to 12% increase in fuel performance for diesel. 15% for gas engines and up to 25% for fuel generators.

XFO™ Features

  • Increased fuel economy, prolonged engine life, decreased emissions, improved performance.

  • Increases life of engine / reduces carbon buildup / keeps engine clean
  • Does not use octane or cetane
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Increases horsepower and performance
  • Reduces emissions (NOx, CO, CO2) 
  • Lowers carbon footprint
  • Lubricates pistons, pumps, and injectors
  • Prevents and reverses sludge build-up
  • Prevents rust and corrosion in the fuel system
  • Helps keep water out of your fuel
  • Stabilizes stored fuel (for years)
  • Works in any engine...from lawn mowers, to minivans, to large trucks and equipment.
  • Lowers the ignition point of fuel by several hundred degrees...about 400°F.
  • Easily mixes with other oil-based products evenly without any problems of separation or an uneven concentration in the fuel.
  • Non-hazardous and can be shipped without specific hazard warnings
  • Made in America

Testing, Certificates, and Warranties

XFO™ has conducted sophisticated on-site testing in a variety of fleets and other equipment.  Independent engineers have worked with fleet and maintenance staff to determine test protocols to identify the equipment to be tested and developed a full implementation plan to begin to use XFO™ in various operations. Test data is available for you to review.
  • EPA registered
  • ASTM D975 certified
  • Meets ISO fuel specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available upon request
  • Non-hazardous rating and can be shipped without specific hazard warnings
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty act
  • Features a $1M (G.A.) Insurance General Liability Policy in place from a major insurance company to cover equipment damage or loss.

Example Cost Savings With XFO™ vs Without XFO™ 

(Single semi-tractor trailer fuel tank)

A typical semi-tractor trailer fuel tank holds 120-gallons

The average fuel economy of a semi-tractor trailer is 7 mpg

Average Diesel fuel price for May 2023 in the U.S. is $3.88

Semi-tractor XFO™ performance: conservative 9%

          Semi-tractor (single tank)

                                                                 With XFO™                                                    Without XFO™                                          120-gal x 7.63 mpg (9% increase with XFO™) = 916 miles           120-gal x 7 mpg = 840 miles

          76 miles improvement

76 miles / 7 mpg = 11 gal to cover the difference in gained miles

11 gal @ $3.88/gal = $42.68 for additional 76 miles without XFO™

To treat 11 gals with XFO™ (2 oz rate) = $0.93

Pay $0.93 for XFO™ or Pay $42.68 without XFO™

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