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Consulting With SMEs That Serve Key Government Institutions

Our Services

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc. offers consultancy services to a wide variety of government organizations with focused work on the Department of Defense.

Consulting SMEs in the Areas Of:

  • DoD Policy Development Subject Matter Expertise (SME)
    • Develop concept of operations and other instruments designed to inform decision-makers at the highest levels of the Department of Defense
  • Specialty in Combatant Command Engagement and Strategic Communication
  • On-Site Experience in DoD Field Laboratories
    • Team of PhD infectious disease experts
    • Team of field-experienced senior counterintelligence and federal law enforcement experts
  • Expertise With Special Operations, SOLIC, USSOCOM, JSOC, AFSOC, and All TSOCs
  • Expertise With All Geographic Combatant Commands, USSOCOM, USSTRATCOM, and USTRANSCOM
  • Expertise With the Department of State With a Focus on Europe (NATO, OSCE, EU), Central and South Asia (CASA), and the Pacific (ASEAN)
  • Expertise With Joint Program Executive Office-Chemical and Biological Defense (JPEOCBD) and the Joint Program Manager-Guardian
  • Biological SME - Provide Expertise in Infectious Disease, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Antimicrobial Resistance Technology, and Technology Development
  • Boarder and Maritime Domain Awareness SME (Develop Policy and Procedures Dealing With Maritime Domain and International Border Security Requirements)
  • Chemical SME (Support Policy Initiatives That Counter Adversaries Toxic Industrial Materials and Toxic Industrial Contaminants)
  • Security (Physical and Cybersecurity) SME (See Security Portfolio Below)
  • Space Industry SME
  • Product Sales  (GSA Schedule)

Services Supporting:

  • USG Consulting (Primarily DOD but Have Experience With DHS, HHS)
  • Company Security Analysis (Physical, Personnel, Systems)
  • Business Development (Multiple Sectors)
  • Business Practices
  • Sales
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