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Energy Saving Technologies

SSI considers the total picture when addressing challenges to a community.  A significant challenge today is reducing costs in the energy sector.   SSI focuses on technology that reduces heating and cooling requirements for a variety of applications as well as tackling Cold-Chain logistics challenges and fuel improvement measures.  SSI also looks for the latest and best technology to pass savings on to customers.  In some cases, when both of these efforts are combined, the customer is rewarded with significant cost savings.   SSI has done the work for you and represents industry's best technologies to improve your energy savings for HVAC, Cold Chain Logistics, and fuel economy.    All reduce carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly. 

Bio Phase Change Material (BioPCM)

BioPCM based solutions are used in a broad range of applications driven by specific temperature control needs. The Go-To-Market strategy is organized in three business units


Engineered to improve comfort, reduce HVAC consumption, run-time and cycling in buildings and IT facilities.

• Retail • Commercial • Hospitality • Retrofitting

• Roofing • New Construction • Cell tower shelters • Data rooms


Bulk thermal storage for commercial and industrial applications.

• HVAC load shifting • Industrial heat recovery


Precise temperature control for transport of:

Biologics, pharmaceuticals, produce, and prepared food

• Pharma logistics • Bulk PCM • Trucking & freight • Refrigerated (Reefer) Operations

• Catering • Last mile delivery • Storage & handling

Bio Phase Change Material (BioPCM)®

BioPCM® harnesses the power of phase change materials (PCM) to improve energy efficiency and thermal storage solutions.

BioPCM® is

  • A phase change material made from sustainably grown, all natural, food-based grade vegetable oils.
  • A low-cost proprietary blend of emulsifiers, gelling agents, fatty acids and their derivatives. The product is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • The factory can set a tunable congruent melting and freezing temperature, ranging from -58°F to 347°F based on the customer’s specific needs and installation application.  This means a customer can select the desired temperature for their zone and the temperature is regulated to this temperature, e.g., customer desires 72 degrees:  the ENRG blanket radiates hot/cool to maintain this temperature. 
  • Perfect for arid and desert climates where the cool evening air is captured and dispersed during the day and the hot air is dispersed during the evening to maintain an even loading for HVAC systems.
  • Available in multiple fire classes, including Zero Smoke/Zero Flame plenum.
  • A LEED and BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) friendly.
  • Formulated for long life, > 100 years
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