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Ultra Light Ballistic Shirts (ULBS)

ULBS developed a unique line of clandestine armor designed to look and feel like regular clothing. The following are just some of the applications for ULBS technology:

• Undercover security and surveillance personnel
• Standard security officers
• Executive/VIP Protection
• Workers operating in high risk areas
• Drop down curtains for housing and vehicles
• Very light weight bomb blankets
• Clothing such as jackets, sweatshirts, sport coats, etc.

  • The ULBS is an extremely lightweight, highly flexible, moisture resistant, ballistic undergarment that comes in multiple designs and is virtually indistinguishable from normal athletic clothing. 

  • There are two types of ULBS:  Standard ULBS (SULBS) and Extreme ULBS (EULBS).

  • The Government versions of the SULBS and EULBS are designed so as to NOT BE DETECTED when going through security check points (i.e., body scan or x-ray scan of shirt does not give away body armor capability).

  • The SULBS and EULBS employ a proprietary process to blend multiple types of ballistic material to achieve a superior, light weight, ballistic shirt.

  • The woven ballistic fabric is covered with a layer of ballistic grade fiber batting to form multiple layers of woven ballistic fabric

  • The final construction of the shirt is covered with a thin membrane of non-permeable, water resistant, sweat wicking, and odor eliminating material.

  • Greater than 50K shirts/month can be produced in sizes Small – Extra Large.

  • The ULBS will be warranted based on finalized tests.

Characteristics of the ULBS

  • The SULBS is capable of defeating 9mm full metal jacket (FMJ) 124 grain, 357 Magnum 158 grain, and 9mm Soft Core Steel (SCS) foreign rounds.  EULBS defeats 9mm, FMJ 124 grain.

  • The ULBS exceeds SOCOM requirements and NIJ Level II 01.01.04 standards; the EULBS will defeat 9mm 124 grain, FMJ @ 1300 fps

  • ULBS areal density of .46 lbs. psf, BFS < 50mm, thickness < 8mm; EULBS thickness < 6mm.

  • Proprietary three-layer design reduces blunt force trauma.

  • Washable, water repellant, flexible, wears like a sweatshirt/T-shirt.

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