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Key Personnel and Supporting Experts

SSI’s Experienced International Team 


 The SSI team has unparalleled experience in 100 countries across the globe. Our team served the Dept of State, the Org for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Joint Chiefs of Staff, DoD, NATO, EU, and the National Space Foundation. SSI’s expertise includes advising roles in New Delhi, India; Brussels, Belgium; Davao, Philippines; Paramaribo, Suriname; Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, and the National Security Space Institute.  SSI has spent significant time in Vietnam, Thailand, Columbia, the UK, the Nordic Countries, Russia, Armenia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Poland, and Austria. SSI has a broad range of language skills available with fluency in German, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, and Arabic.  

Key Personnel

Our personnel touch a wide spectrum of Public and Private operations.  Each individual has strong connections to their focus areas.  Some areas of current expertise include:  The Department of Defense (Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, Army and Air Force Services, the Combatant Commands), Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, NATO, European Union, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Space Foundation, and the Secure World Foundation.


George Cunningham -- President, Chief Executive Officer

George is a retired USAF Colonel with more than 34 years in National Security matters and is the founder and President of the Veteran Owned Small Business, Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc. (SSI). He grew SSI to a well-respected consulting organization which focuses on bringing innovative, break-through technologies to the Commercial and Federal sectors from both national and international sources. He is part owner of a revolutionary space propulsion company and the cofounder of a water purification technology company.  George is currently building a fuel additive company that sells a highly innovative fuel catalyst product.  He is on the Board of Directors to Cannae Corporation, a space propulsion and satellite technology company and on the board of VIP Globalnet, LLC, a National Capital Region, consulting and marketing organization. George maintains a broad range of expertise across multiple disciplines ranging from cyber security to biological defense and has extensive experience in the Department of Defense serving in the  Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, and HQ USAF.  He served with the Department of State as the senior military adviser to the U.S. Ambassador to Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Austria. He has expert knowledge of the U.S. European Command, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), European Union, Eurasian border security initiatives, and worked as the U.S. representative to the Dayton Peace Accords Article IV proceedings throughout the Balkan states. He is a combat veteran of several U.S. conflicts and served as a Special Operations Commander in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is experienced in working with Special Mission Units, the Joint Special Operations Command Staff, Air Force Special Operations Command Staff, the Geographic Combatant Commands, and has a vast amount of global experience during execution of missions in 85 countries. George also served as a Tactical Liaison Officer to the Army’s III Corps and 2nd Armored Divisions in Fort Hood, TX where he orchestrated multiple air bridges in support of return of forces to Europe exercises. In his consulting role, George supported the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).   He is a combat pilot with more than 6500 flying hours in a variety of jet and turbo-propelled aircraft and a member of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. George is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, NATO Defense College in Rome Italy, Air War College, and a Distinguished Graduate of Squadron Officers School. His undergraduate degree is in Science and he has a Master of Science in Administration.


Jay Mosley -- Chief Operating Officer

Jay has over 25 years of leadership, operational, and business development experience in the Department of Defense, government agencies, and private industry. He is currently the lead for Western U.S.  Operations.  Jay also is President of his own company, Innovate Consulting Group,  performed as the COO of Merlin Global Services. and was the Executive Vice President of Operations and COO for Gauss Management, Research, and Engineering (GMRE). Jay has overseen all aspects of operations of engineering, technology, and innovation to include leading products and service development, business development (BD), proposals, contracts, human resources, security, and alliances. He guided GMRE to 100% growth rates guiding the firm from 2 to 200 employees.  He has over 22 years of military service as a USAF officer and pilot, flew more than 12 types of aircraft and served in multiple leadership capacities. He led Special Operations units with the need for cutting edge technology innovations and a $600M budget. In the software world, he filled a critical leadership role for operational and sustainment support of over 300 personnel and 5600 fielded software systems. He served in the Pentagon, Department of State, Department of Justice, Special Operations Command, Joint Special Operations Command, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Material Command. He garnered experience in over 80 countries worldwide, benefiting from special training, access, and human experience.

Jay augmented his career as a commercial pilot for Northwest Airlines. In Feb 2003, he served with the Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office/Utah for the Anti-terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC) and a member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Jay supports Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc's Western U.S. operations with a focus on the company's growing water portfolio.  Jay supports charitable work through several professional organizations.


Jay served on the Board of Directors (BoD) for the System of Systems Security (SOSSEC) consortium and represents over 290 of the most innovative firms in the private and government sectors. He served on the BoD for the Weber State University Utah Center for Applied Innovation and Design (UCAID). Jay is a combat pilot with 8000+ hours in a variety of aircraft and a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. He has a Masters in Business Administration.

Charles "Chuck" Loomis –- Senior Operations Manager

Chuck Loomis (Lt Col, USAF, retired) has over thirty-five years of experience as an Air Force officer and a defense contractor for USAF, Joint Forces and OSD programs. A graduate of Colgate University, he earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University, and benefited from many professional and specialty courses throughout his USAF and defense contracting careers. His Air Force tours took him to South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia), the UK, Germany, and Japan where he worked in, built and led operational intelligence units supporting multiple USAF aircraft missions. He was with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Bonn when the Berlin Wall came down and was among the initial intelligence headquarters cadre shaping Strategic Air Command and Tactical Air Command into today’s Air Combat Command (ACC). Retiring from the Air Force, he was employed by several defense contractors in the Tidewater and Northern Virginia areas supporting ACC, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Forces Command, and the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) missions including the Chairman's Joint Training System, joint intelligence training requirements, battlespace electronic visualization and analysis, and information operations training. Chuck was instrumental in developing the Interagency portfolio for JIEDDO as well as intelligence modeling & simulation visualization development. He also facilitated negotiation of mutually beneficial government and non-government agency relationships. His experience and expertise includes multi-service, joint, and combined intelligence work at tactical, operational, and strategic warfighting levels to include extensive experience in the national and defense agency network.

William "Bill" Parker -- Director, International Portfolio 

Bill retired after 31 years of foreign service with the Department of State with the rank of Minister-Counselor, which is the diplomatic equivalent of Major General. He helped shape a diverse set of U.S. national security policies, both in gaining domestic support and implementing them globally on-the-ground. Bill has a unique acumen to engage foreign cultures and rapidly interpret their conceptual underpinnings and consequential effects upon critical global security issues. His subsequent focus has been dedicated in bringing U.S. space policy into the 21st century by leveraging commercial and international military alliances for improved space situational awareness (SSA). Bill has accumulated a vast array of contacts critical to national security interests at the highest levels of the Department of State, United States Strategic Command (USTRATCOM) and NATO. Past foreign service and other postings include New Delhi, India; the U.S. Mission to NATO, Brussels, Belgium; Davao, Philippines; Paramaribo, Suriname; Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; and numerous Temporary Duty Assignments (TDY) in Qatar; West Africa and numerous others. Bill served as Minister-Counselor for Cultural/Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India. During his four-year tour he was responsible for overseeing Indo-United States Exchange Programs and interacted with American Cultural Centers and senior Indian officials at the ministerial level in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai. He had the honor of administering the United States Fulbright Program as the Director of the U.S. Educational Foundation in India during a very challenging time for bilateral Indo-U.S. relations. He still managed to nearly double the Fulbright budget to $15 million and greatly increased the number of higher education exchanges between Indian and American students. For over 20 years Bill has been viewed as a respected and knowledgeable student of past and present Indo-U.S. relations.  He is extremely proud of having facilitated the first-ever United States Presidential speech before the Indian Parliament by former President William Clinton. In the late eighties Bill served as the Desk Officer for Southeast Asian Affairs in the Office of East Asian and Pacific Affairs of the former United States Information Agency. Over a two-year period, he was the primary liaison between Washington and U.S. Information Service Posts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Burma. He has maintained his high-level contacts in these nations, He serves as an International Adviser to the Space Foundation and a Special Adviser to Virginia Tech’s Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC). He previously supported John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab as an Adjunct Fellow. Has also serves on the Advisory Board of the Secure World Foundation, an NGO working in the field of space policy and security. In 2008 Bill assisted in the coordination and facilitation of the Space Foundation’s historic visit to the Chinese astronaut training center and the Jiuquan launch facilities at the southern edge of the Gobi dessert. This initial engagement has resulted in numerous unofficial/informal interactions between the Space Foundation and leading China space institutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs from Thiel College. Bill is one of the few foreign service officers to have trained at the National Security Space Institute (NSSI). He has taken numerous senior level courses over the years at the U.S. Department of State’s National Foreign Affairs Training Center. He speaks French, survivor Spanish and Dutch as well as a few unique dialects learned while in various countries .


John Neunan -- Director of Sales (Extreme Fuel Optimizer)

John brings a wealth of knowledge in Sales ranging from information technology to fuel additives.   He has been in the Information Technology business for 42 years and in Sales for 35.  John was the #1 Salesman for ADP in 1980 in the US and the #1 salesman for Advanced Computer Communications from 1988 through 1990.   When working for CISCO Systems, John earned the #1 salesman in 1993 for opening up the most accounts that year.  John was also a Regional VP for Ascend Communications which became Lucent Technologies 1996 through 1999.  John continued his Sales expertise as the VP of worldwide Sales for Accelerated Networks which went public in late 2000 and Hostopia, a Canadian based company and the largest web hosting company for Telephone companies worldwide until 2010.  For the last 12 years, John has been working with startup companies in the fuel additive markets such as Planet Impact, Pure Earth Technologies, American Fleet Chemical, and Syntek Global. 


Ken Mistovich -- U.S. Sales Northeast (PA, NJ)

     Ken brings a wealth of sales experience from his background in brick sales throughout the Baltimore, MD area.  He is well respected among the sales circles in MD, PA, and NJ. Ken graduated with a B.S Degree from Towson State University. After college, Ken had the opportunity to start in sales at Saco Supply, a local mill works and lumber company that also supported the custom home builders with brick. Ken eventually focused on brick sales and made a name for himself.

     It was during that time that Ken met George Litz, the son of one of the partners of L&L Supply. George hired Ken in 1989 to support and develop the family business which led to them to dominating the brick business in the Baltimore Metro area. Serving as Executive Vice President for 20 years Ken assisted in budgets and managed all the sales team’s efforts.

     Two of the most noteworthy deals were both the Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles and M & T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. Ken worked tireless with HOK Sports on products and design. Ken even shared the honor of laying the first brick with Art Modell the owner of the Ravens.

     The highest praise was always awarded to Ken from local architects. Al Rubeling ,a long-time successful architect when asked to do a presentation holding up a brick and stating, when I started in this industry, I knew nothing about brick until I met Ken Mistovich, who has guided and educated me about brick ever since. That statement alone underlines the reputation and respect that Ken maintains in the market and industry.



Matthew "Matt" Huffer -- U.S. Sales - Great Lakes Region

Matt Huffer earned a BS degree in Finance from Indiana University and has a background in Transportation and Logistics financing with an added focus on the Real Estate Market. He is well informed of the needs and current concerns of these vital sectors of the US Economy. During the past decade, Matt has been involved with the testing, financial analysis and overall productivity concerning the use of an effective fuel additive through Planet Impact, Pure Earth Technologies, American Fleet Chemical, and Syntek Global. Matt now joins Strategic Solutions Integrated team to lend his tremendous expertise in the fuel additive business. Prior to joining, Matt has been using and testing XFO (Xtreme Fuel Optimizer) treatment in all his vehicles with amazing results. 


Eddie "Adil" Hizoune -- U.S. Sales - Southeast

Eddie brings a wealth of sales experience to SSI from International Business. Eddie attended Old Dominion University in Virginia in the late 80’s and spent 25 years in the DC area working in Defense Industry and Systems Integration as an International Business Development and FMS Expert. Eddie worked for Mc Murdo Inc., formerly Techno-Sciences Inc. to capture projects and deliver systems for Communication, Search and Rescue, Border/Maritime Surveillance, Specialized Professional Training and other products and solutions. The clients’ list ranged from Chile to Norway, South Africa to Saudi Arabia totaling over 25 countries. Eddie supported the development as well as the implementation of projects, serving as the main interface with in-country subcontractors and local authorities for compliance with regulations. With a keen attention to past and current world events, Eddie organized large events to promote the company’s achievements and good will with local populations and handled media relations. Moving to Florida in 2018, Eddie started RedHouse International; a business consulting company offering US companies a gateway to develop international business. Using a large network of partners, consultants and associates in Africa, Europe, the Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia, RedHouse covers a plethora of business pursuits ranging from Defense and Security to Green Projects, Solar/Wind Energy, Water Desalination, Waste Management, Fuel Purification and more.

Peter Stanley --  Field Operations

Peter Stanley supports SSI through field operational support.  Peter has more than 10 years of working with innovative technologies such as advance body armor, enhanced security detection and screening equipment, and water cleaning technologies.  Peter is not afraid to tackle any project presented and runs the effort to completion.    

Additional Subject Matter Experts who support SSI 

Leroy “Roy” Smith -- Consultant / Contracting, Acquisitions & Mergers 

Roy has over 30 years with a full spectrum of experience and award-winning success in Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal organizations in acquisitions and operations as well as the private sector. Roy possesses solid expertise in Leadership, P&L, contracting, acquisitions, operations and operations support, program management and strategic planning.  He administered high dollar budgets as DoD’s senior procurement official with DCMA, in New York and Pennsylvania. Possesses an in-depth understanding of acquisition reform as well as the Planning Programming Budget & Execution process.  Roy has a proven track record of success working on major DoD programs (ACAT I, II and III & MAIS).  He provides extensive experience leading military, civilians, contractors, subcontractors and project teams while implementing and overseeing a wide range of acquisition, capability, performance based and modernization programs and is highly skilled in business development and corporate growth strategies.  Roy grew his company from $6M to $18M in first 3 years winning numerous contracts valued as high as $40M.  He was the #1 Business developer across all product lines for the company during his tenure. and increased the company's annual P&L by an average of 15% each year.  Roy's work with the Department of Defense is equally impressive as he was the Director of Contracting and Acquisition Support for the Defense Business Transformation Agency where he was responsible for acquisition strategy and contract management for over 70 programs ranging from systems, logistics, and services both domestically and abroad.  While at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Roy worked with J7/J8 on the Joint Staff (Joint Capability Board, Functional Capability Board) routinely in an effort to develop critical deliverables supporting the Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Strategic Command Center (CBTWMD SCC) for the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and DTRA. As a former company executive, Roy led company profit & loss goals while also overseeing contracting, program management and business development responsibilities. During his 20 years as an Air Force Officer, Roy served as the commander and senior DoD official for contractor performance on major acquisition programs. He was also responsible for administering high dollar budgets while supervising a 360 multi-disciplined technical and administrative support staff at several locations. He is experienced in working with special mission units, the Joint Special Operations Command, United States Special Operations Command and Air Force Special Operations Command serving as the Chief, Current Operations, Chief Combat Plans and Tactics and as a senior planner for crisis and deliberate planning missions. He also served as a Missile Launch Officer overseeing operational, nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles as a Crew Commander. Roy served as an adjunct Assistant Professor and as a guest lecturer at numerous universities. Roy is a graduate of Squadron Officer School, Intermediate Service School and Joint Forces Staff College. His undergraduate degree is in Economics, and he has a Master of Science in Administration.

Dr. Robert "Rob" Caldwell, Ph.D. -- Consultant / Cellular & Molecular Pathology

"Dr. Caldwell earned the Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from Vanderbilt University focusing on Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Medicine. After graduation, Rob completed his fellowship in Biochemistry & Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, where he utilized proteomic technologies to discover and validate protein biomarkers for several human diseases. He was then promoted to Professor at Vanderbilt, leading research teams to study bone cancer, tissue regeneration/wound healing, and viral infections. In 2010, Rob relocated to the National Capital Region as Senior Scientist to support DHS and DoD efforts pertaining to national security, technology assessment and transition, and allocation of federal funds for basic and applied research that impact the U.S. Warfighter. He has authored more than two dozen scientific publications and textbook chapters, and has presented several dozen platform presentations, both domestically and abroad. He currently serves on the Research Advisory Boards at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and George Mason University." Dr. Caldwell is also the owner and President of Strategic Health Solutions, LLC (

Dr. Richard “Rick” Jaffe, Ph.D. MT (ASCP) -- Consultant / Medical Countermeasures

Dr. Jaffe brings over 30 years of leadership experience in creating a vision and setting direction for large organizations, such as scientific, public health, military, biotechnology and other organizations. His leadership experience has focused on leading, directing and managing public health programs, research organizations, and policy, with technical and operational experience in government, academia, military, and industry. In addition, He is a certified clinical microbiologist who has run his own clinical lab, leading training and certification as well as a bench scientist for over 20 years. Currently he is the President, Mission Focused Advisors LLC, ("> working with clients to align organizational strategy, improve operations, and ensure a critical corporate or functional initiative is successfully managed. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Richard Bland College of William and Mary teaching General Biology. Rick’s previous work assignments included being Director of the Division of Medical Countermeasures, Strategy, and Requirements (MCSR) in the Office for Policy and Planning, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) where he led the efforts to develop policy initiatives, planning and analysis, activities for storage, dispensing, administration, etc., and requirements for medical countermeasures (MCM) that help protect the U.S. civilian population during public health emergencies. Before that, Dr. Jaffe was the Senior Medical Advisor to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense/Chemical and Biological Defense Programs (OASD (NCB/CB) at the Pentagon. As contract support with ANSER, Inc., he assisted with the office mission to lead, guide, and integrate the Chemical and Biological Defense Program for the Department of Defense. This position required analysis, coordination, and interfacing with Office of the Secretary of Defense Staff offices, White House and Congressional staffs, Inspector General, the Intelligence Community, the Joint Staff, Service Staffs, Interagency and other Defense agencies in areas of mutual interest, such as medical countermeasures, emerging infectious diseases, diagnostics, bio surveillance, Public Health, and CBRN threats. Dr. Jaffe honorably served in the United States Air Force (Active and Reserves) and separated at the rank of major.


Gene Koch -- Consultant / Chemistry Subject Matter Expert

Gene Koch:  (M.S. Chemistry: Michigan Technological University, Post-graduate Work: Stanford University) Gene has over forty years’ experience in program management, liquid crystal chemistry and physics, polymer science, organic semiconductors, optics and avionics.  At Rockwell Collins he was the lead scientist on the Boeing 777 cockpit displays program that successfully developed new LCD optical compensator technology that enabled Rockwell to win contacts for cockpit displays on multiple subsequent Boeing aircraft.  He then was one of the two founders of the Rockwell Optical Components Business Unit, helped write its business plan and financial plan, and led an approximately fifty-person team in scaling up mass, reel-to-reel production of LCD optical compensation film. He was also a team member that sourced custom LCD technology from Asian manufacturers at Rockwell and then Allied Signal Aerospace.  Earlier at Hewlett-Packard Labs he developed liquid crystal compounds for some of the world’s first LCDs and at Timex he established, designed, staffed and led a liquid crystal development lab that invented multiple new liquid crystal materials.  At Kollsman Instruments, he helped solicit and win the USAF A-10 solid state altimeter program and designed the altimeter display; and initiated, helped negotiate, and took part in establishing participation in a joint venture with Philips N.V. in the worlds first aircraft seatback entertainment company, Airvision.  He also successfully solicited SBIR funding and completed first round work on very early augmented reality display concepts. He founded LOMOX Ltd., a UK company that has developed printable, photo patternable polymeric liquid crystalline organic semiconductor materials for use in OLEDs.  He was chairman of the SAE A4-ED subcommittee that wrote the Aerospace Recommended Practice document that is FAA guidance on all commercial aircraft cockpit displays.  He holds more than twenty patents on materials and electronic device technology.  Gene has an extensive background in chemical separation technology including development of improved reverse osmosis media, chemo selective filtration media, and gel permeation chromatography.  He has successfully led teams of up to fifty people in device development projects including financial and project planning including six sigma procedures and especially design-of-experiments methodology.

Daniel "Dan" Maguire -- Consultant / Special Missions

Dan has 43+ years of experience working with the United States Defense Department in numerous positions supporting both operational and intelligence requirements. Dan is a retired Army Colonel, former Army Defense Intelligence Senior Level Officer (SES) and combat veteran with worldwide experience conducting special missions in support of national security requirements. He is a graduate of West Point as well as the National War College where he earned a Master's Degree in National Security Policy. During his military service, Dan served in multiple leadership positions in Special Operations and Intelligence organizations. He held positions from an "A-team" Commander in 10th Special Forces Group and Senior Intelligence Officer in 7th Special Forces Group to Battalion Command in the 902nd Military Intelligence Brigade. He also served in numerous assignments with the Defense HUMINT Service of DIA. His tours have included Operational Base Commander for a Joint Special Operations Task Force during the Bosnia conflict and Commander of the Intelligence Transition Team In Iraq as a Flag-level Civilian. Dan also served as the Security Director for Middle East and South East Asia for the 51,000 personnel of LOGCAP Program based in Iraq, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Dubai. Dan also was assigned to multiple senior level staff assignments serving as the Special Assistant to the Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support to the Central Intelligence Agency and as the Director of Counter-Terrorism Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. His expertise spans the full scope of Special Operations and Intelligence activities. His most recent assignment was as the Director of Strategy, Plans and Engagement (J5) for Special Operations Command Africa, a position he held for 5 years before retiring from Civil Service. During his time with SOCAFRICA, Dan led the development of counterterrorism partnership activities with critical African partners throughout the Continent; and, was instrumental in developing relationships with NATO Special Operations Forces with strategic interests in Africa as well as combined associations with the European Command (EUCOM) and the NATO SOF HQ that resulted in numerous joint missions.

William "Bill" Moon -- Consultant/Defense Policy, FSU & DTRA 

Bill Moon is an independent Consultant and Lecturer, currently conducting research and writing on cooperation with Russia, CTR, and Nuclear Security. He retired from DTRA on February 28, 2019 after 30 years with the federal government.  Bill spent 23 years as a Senior Program Manager for Cooperative Threat Reduction Programs to Enhance Nuclear Security in Partner Countries including Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and India.  He implemented over $2B of nuclear security programs in partnership with the Russian MOD on physical security, guard force training, emergency response, personnel reliability, inventory management, and sustainment. He was one of the original CTR program managers who made the second delivery of armored blankets to Russia in 1992. Bill also served as DTRA’s technical adviser to the Defense Science Board Task Force on Preventing, Deterring, and Responding to the Acquisition or Use of WMD, published and released in August 2018.  In addition, Bill also served over three years as EUCOM Theater Support Team Lead in the Intelligence, Plans and Resources Directorate.  Bill was awarded the Arthur Fleming Award for Outstanding Federal Service as well as the DTRA Gold & Silver Meritorious Service Medals. Mr. Moon has a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International Affairs and the National Defense University’s Industrial College of the Armed Forces.


Anne Barrett -- Consultant / Environmental / CBRN

Experienced Bioenvironmental Engineer and Operational Health Physicist with more than 24 years of exemplary service as a US Air Force Lt Col supporting military operations worldwide. Specialized in CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive) matters, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, and environmental and water surveillance. Successful at leading and managing all aspects of mission-critical projects on time without compromising quality and accuracy.  Anne responded to real-world anthrax attack, authored response procedures for Air Mobility Command and developed radiological measurements mapping software for radiological nuclear accident response.  She provided CBRNE Consequence Management support for DTRA to CCMDs worldwide for both training exercises and real-life events where she improved tactical response capabilities and stipulated medical countermeasures. Anne supported multiple CBRNE and other military AFRICOM engagements where she directed all field sampling and analysis of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear agents/materials during accidents/incidents and training exercises to provide rapid detection and identification.  Anne’s education includes the Air War College, AF Bioenvironmental Engineering Course, Master of Science – Engineering Mechanics, Pennsylvania State University,  B.S. Physics, University of Paris VII.  Anne is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and ISO 14001 certified.  She is fluent in French.

Michael "Mike" Fisher -- Consultant / Border Security 

Mike has 30 years of federal law enforcement with 6 years as Chief, U.S. Border Patrol. He served in multiple field commands (Norther and Southern border); and as the Deputy Director; Office of Anti-Terrorism (Customs and Border Protection) and Chief of Intelligence; U.S. Border Patrol. Mike has experience with Special Operations with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC).  Mike has significant strategic planning and operation execution experience. He developed U.S. Border Security Strategy and Operational Implementation Plan and introduced geospatial intelligence collection for U.S. borders. Designed and implemented the first joint operational field command for the Department of Homeland Security.  He is a recognized expert in his field and conducted numerous public speaking and media presentations. He is as a frequent lecturer at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA, the National Defense University (NDU) at Fort Nair, and on the international circuit at numerous conferences and symposiums.  Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s in business administration. He is a graduate of JFK School of Government, Harvard University Graduate of DoD/NDU Capstone, and an Adjunct Professor with the Institute of Defense Analysis. 

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