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Expand your Global Connectivity With Our Help

Strategic Solutions Integrated

Access, Vision, and Innovation

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc (SSI) is a veteran-owned small business headquartered in Fairfax County, VA--20 miles outside the United States’ Capitol. SSI specializes in providing unique access opportunities to international and domestic as well as government and industry leaders in a wide variety of disciplines.

Aside from having extensive experience in networking, business strategy, and Department of Defense expertise, we excel at ensuring that our customers have the best opportunities to meet their company goals. SSI's primary focus area lies in finding disruptive technologies and assisting the customer in bringing it to the market.


SSI Portfolio of Expertise

Expert-Level Service at Your Fingertips



  • Access to organizations with:
    • Independent analysis and assessment
    • Subject matter expertise
    • Concept development
    • Advisory support
    • International Operations (Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,  Georgia, Armenia, Morocco, Germany, United Kingdom
  • Unmatched expertise on unique acquisition methods to accelerate opportunities
  • Congress (Senate and House members)
  • Opportunity to understand and leverage requirements, capability gaps and needs, and the funding picture

  • Understanding of the strategic environment and its impact on the future direction of initiatives and the opportunities offered


Consulting expertise in key cylinders of industry:

  • Department of Defense 
  • Combatant Commands (USEUCOM, USCENTCOM, USPACOM)
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Clean Water Industry
  • Space Propulsion Systems
  • Fuel Additive Industry
  • Security (Cyber, Physical, Access)
  • Innovation and Disruptive Technology 
  • Body Armor/Ballistic Shielding 

Experience with low cost

  • Assistance with high-level exposure of innovative, disruptive technology platforms to government, commercial, and private parties
  • Assistance to U.S. companies pursuing international business interests
  • Specialized expertise in US federal markets, Asia, Central Asia & Caucuses, and Europe

Strategic Partners



      • North American Recycling Technologies (NART)
      • Cannae, Inc.
      • BlueWater Technology Holdings, LLC
      • Mission Focused Advisors, LLC
      • Strategic Health Solutions, LLC
      • Integrity Solutions Consulting Group, LLC
      • VIP GlobalNet, LLC
      • Venture Capital Institute, LLC
      • GreenTek Cold Chain Solutions, Inc.
      • Quantum Manufactured Systems (QMS)
      • Global Shield Solutions, LLC
      • REDHOUSE, International, LLC
        • Department of Defense
        • United States Navy
        • Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO) Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD)
        • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
        • Armored Textile Industries, LLC
        • Cannae, Inc
        • HEPACO
        • North American Recycling Technologies (NART)
        • Quantum Manufactured Systems (QMS)
        • Global Shield Solutions, LLC  (SD Labs)
        • University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMCc)
        • National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI)
        • Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL)
        • Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
        • System Planning and Analysis, Inc.
        • TechInt Solutions Group, LLC

Past Performance Examples

Over the years, our team has developed these important efforts:

  • JIEDDO Strategic Plan and USSTRATCOM/DTRA Chemical & Biological Forensics Analysis CONOPS
  • Global Biosurveillance Technology Initiative (GBTI) Strategy Development & Demonstrations
  • JIEDDO Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) With "Five Eyes"
  • Strategic Policy for DIA’s Forensics Rapid Deployment Capability
  • Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) White Paper Series
  • Business Plans for Multiple Disruptive Technology Start-Ups -Unique Cybersecurity & Insider Threat Programs Across the Government 
  • Support to Virginia Tech, JHU-APL, and Virginia Tech-ARC
  • Secure funding and equipment for start-up technologies
  • Ballistic plates, body armor, ballistic shielding
  • Developed in-house Water purification technologies for Heavy Metals, PFAS (PFOA/PFOS) contaminants
  • Develop in-house, mobile PFAS mitigation technology
  • Develop Sales Force to support Value Added Retailer capability and unique technology and product sales for industry (Fuel Additives, Cold-Chain logistics)

Please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry.

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