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Water Cleaning & Energy Saving Technology Portfolio

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc (SSI) has a team of personnel who keenly understands the needs of providing clean water and energy saving technology for a multitude of challenges facing planet earth. We work to assist in the application of uniquely designed water technology to cheaply address multiple verticals impacting clean water and seek to find innovative and disruptive energy technologies for our clients.

Water Technologies

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc. developed a portfolio of water cleaning capability that addresses water challenges facing the planet. Some of the greatest challenges stem from the inability to provide agile access to water sources that require cleaning. We are addressing this challenge through mobile systems that operate in more than ninety percent of locations around the world.

High Pressure Reverse Osmosis filter (HERO)™

Highly Efficient Reverse Osmosis (HERO)™ Sys​tem

The Highly Efficient Reverse Osmosis (HERO)™ system is a new type of film used for reverse osmosis filter systems and is designed to replace almost 40-year-old technology that are represented by billions of filters worldwide.
  • The HERO™ filters can be retrofitted into existing systems, which means that there will be very little capital expense involved in transitioning to the new film.
  • The technology is based on an alternative chemistry to the polyamide chemistry used in traditional reverse osmosis systems.
  • The operating pressure required to desalinate seawater is reduced from approximately 600 psi to less than 400 psi.
  • The electrical operating cost to power the pumps for desalination or other filtration requirements is reduced proportionally with the reduction in operating pressure.
  • A 33% reduction in operating pressure translates to a 33% reduction in electrical costs to operate the system

HydroPlex™ System attached


Water Cooling Tower

HydroPlex™ / BoilerPlex™ / ChillerPlex™

The system will remove any existing scale and prevent the further accumulation of hard water scale while removing any circulating particles and eliminate microbiological contamination HydroPlex™ technology’s patented scale control system prevents hard water scale from forming throughout the entire system.   The BoilerPlex™/ChillerPlex™ Water Loop System is designed as a self-contained side stream to the existing loop.  

  • ION generating cell controls algae, bacteria, and legionel
  • Ionization control unit ensures accurate ion generation
  • Centrifugal filter cleans tower system water
  • Automatic purge valve purges solids from the filter and conserves water
  • Circulation pump maintains constant treatment
  • Sweeper jet system constantly cleans tower basin resulting in very little corrosion
  • Provides water conductivity control
  • Provides corrosion monitoring
  • Increases efficiency of system by 35% / Increased cycles as much as 400% more with CeraPur™
  • Environmentally safe: NO chemicals used with this system saving thousands of dollars per year. 

The HYDAC™ system

Hydrodynamic Activation & Cavitation (HYDAC)™ System

SSI’s fixed and mobile proprietary HYDAC™ technology works on the principals of hydrodynamic cavitation using an orifice to restrict fluid flow to create a pressure drop in the fluid downstream of the orifice resulting in short-lived microbubbles. When the microbubbles collapse, they induce temperatures that can reach up to 10,000 K, which cause chemicals, heavy metals, and biologicals to be denatured and rendered inert. The insoluble salts precipitate out and are removed. The HYDAC™ eliminates a high percentage of heavy metals, viruses, and all biologicals.

The HYDAC  provides:

  • 95% removal of Heavy Metals of Concern
  • 100% of Biologicals
  • 100% Degassing

Crossflow Ceramic Filtration System

CeraPur™ - Crossflow Ceramic Filtration System

Cross-Flow Ceramic Membrane Filtration System is the most effective and efficient filtration method to be used for many types of liquid-solid separation applications
  • The membrane acts as absolute filters                                      
  • Can be used in conjunction with other water systems
  • Can remove extremely small particulate material
  • Are impervious to nearly all chemical compounds
  • Requires a small equipment footprint
  • Accomplishes heavy and light solids retention
  • Discharges waste in a slurry
  • Rejects only 5% to waste from the original input

The HumP3

The Human Powered Pump (HumP3)™

The Human Powered Pump Purifier (HumP3)™ is a double reciprocating device which uses the force of gravity to assist a person to pump thousands of gallons of water a day with very little effort. Simply stated, “no power source other than human power is required”. This system can be operated by a child or small adult and produce 24k gallons per day (GPD) or 1000 gallons per hour.

  • The system uses a swinging pendulum, which makes it much easier to pump water manually from any source of water or wells to 100 feet.
  • The HumP3™ will be combined with the HERO™ or CeraPur™ system to provide ultra-pure, potable water at little or no costs
  • The general-purpose pump is specifically designed to pump surface water by suctioning and can lift water up to 100 feet from a water source to the pump.
  • This pump is very durable, easy to maintain and can be set up and operate near a river, creek, pond, lake or any flooded area within about one hour.
  • In addition to treating virtually any type of contaminated water source, the machine can also be set to bypass all filters when it is needed to pump out a cistern or flooded area or for irrigation or sanitation needs.
  • There are four different pressure settings that can be selected depending on the desire of the operator. Changing from one setting to another is easy and takes only a few seconds.
  • The HumP3™ has the option of being operated with power, if desired.
  • The HumP3™ comes in three sizes to accommodate a range of needs by the customer: small (100 GPD), Medium (1,000 GPD), and Large (24,000 GPD). Larger systems require special order.

Energy Saving Technologies

SSI considers the total picture when addressing challenges to a community.  Water is only one aspect of the challenge.  Ability to provide energy savings for the customer is also important.  Although there are significant energy savings with the above water systems, SSI directly targets what drives energy efficiency and consumption in today's industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. 

The BPU™

The Basic Power Unit (BPU)™

This technology is based upon an electromagnetic reactor core utilizing patented twin toroidal power quality transformer technology. The BPU consistently reduces kWh consumption and kW demand from 8 – 20% and has multiple use cases above 25%.

  • The BPU™ electromagnetic reactor core dynamically monitors the incoming power from the electric utility and corrects any anomalies before they reach your electrical systems and sensitive electronic equipment.
  • The BPU™ then monitors all the electric power running throughout your facility, instantaneously correcting any sensed anomalies as they occur.
  • Electric current, degraded by internal systems and loads, cannot be utilized by other devices, so that portion of the energy you pay for at the meter is wasted. The BPU™ reactor core, however, captures the distorted, wasted energy and transforms it back into usable energy, then releases it into the building electrical network as your equipment and systems call for it.
  • The BPU™ is the only known product that offers harmonic filtering, power factor correction, sag and surge mitigation, surge and transient clipping, phase imbalance, high voltage surge protection, and voltage optimization in a single package.

The BPU™

  • Makes your electricity more efficient
  • Clips power spikes and lowers your maximum demand
  • Mitigates the harmonics in the building from external and internal sources
  • Balances voltage between phases
  • Suppresses voltage sags and swells optimizing electrical voltage to equipment
  • Improves the power factor reducing charges in certain buildings
  • 5 models for 480V systems and 5 models for 208V systems
  • Provides lightning protection for your building
  • Provides reduction payback in as little as 12 months
  • Installation costs do not exceed 35%
  • Requires no on-going maintenance costs
  • Connects in parallel through a spare breaker in your electrical panel
  • Does not require customer’s equipment to be switched off during installation
  • Works with variable speed drives and any existing power quality technology on site
  • Improves the performance of your motors and compressors
  • Improves the performance of renewable energy systems when added to DC inverters

Phase Change Material

ENRG Blanket

Bio Phase Change Material (BioPCM)®

BioPCM® harnesses the power of phase change materials (PCM) to improve energy efficiency and thermal storage solutions.

BioPCM® is

  • A phase change material made from sustainably grown, all natural, food-based grade vegetable oils.
  • A low-cost proprietary blend of emulsifiers, gelling agents, fatty acids and their derivatives. The product is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • The factory can set a tunable congruent melting and freezing temperature, ranging from -58°F to 347°F based on the customer’s specific needs and installation application.  This means a customer can select the desired temperature for their zone and the temperature is regulated to this temperature, e.g., customer desires 72 degrees:  the ENRG blanket radiates hot/cool to maintain this temperature. 
  • Perfect for arid and desert climates where the cool evening air is captured and dispersed during the day and the hot air is dispersed during the evening to maintain an even loading for HVAC systems.
  • Available in multiple fire classes, including Zero Smoke/Zero Flame plenum.
  • A LEED and BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) friendly.
  • Formulated for long life, > 100 years

ECO Building System (EBS) Development Portfolio

SSI is supporting the development of “smart buildings” where customers are able to eliminate wasting of tens of thousands of gallons of water and all legionella risks. At the same time, they can save 25 - 40% of their electrical requirements. These buildings will be the future of urban high-rise development and the answer to saving precious resources through low-cost retrofitting of existing systems.

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