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Technology Distruption and Acceleration into the Federal Space
THE FOCUS IN CUTTING EDGE R&D AND PROTOTYPING IS SHIFTING AWAY FROM THE DEFENSE establishment to disruptive high technology firms, large and small. This is part of a trend in which commercial firms are taking the lead in what once was the technological province of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the defense industrial complex. SSI captures this trend and provides cradle to grave execution for these well postioned firms to leverage non-diluted funds from the government sector and accelerate successful investment and commercialization.
We harness innovation for access to the $1Trillion Federal Space by aligning the interests of innovators, start-ups, government agencies, and investors.  SSI executes where others cannot.
SSI has the network and connections to the Federal Government space SSI has proximity and accessto the Government decision makers SSI brings success through acritical piece… a rapid innovative contracting vehicle to secure federal funds.  SSI coordinates with the client to develop a portfolio of knowledge in the best interest of the client inrespect to possible transactions with government opportunities.SSI creates a matrix of government customers with the highest probability of acquiring the client product/technology and/or providing R&D/prototype funds.  SSI works with the government and selected consortium through the entire process to facilitate approval and award of funds to the client. SSI will handle everything government…all those tasks that have prevented high technology firmsfrom engaging to include reporting, invoicing, and other administrative responsibilities. SSI has unique knowledge and access to a little known but highly efficient contract vehicle known as an “Other Transaction Agreement” or OTA and will leverage this capability to secure funds for the client.
SSI leverages this uniquely rapid, cost-efficient and collaborative contracting vehicle for firms seeking to enter the Federal market. As an alternative to the often complex Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which may discourage small non-traditional entities from seeking to work with the Government, SSI facilitates the critical path to success.
OTA UNIQUE BENEFITS: Federal funding can be obligated quickly, and research projects are awarded generally within 45 to 60days. Projects awarded under an OTA are not subject to cumbersome government audits. Government rights to intellectual property are generally minimal and negotiable. Awards cannot be protested, and  competition oals are met. The Government is encouraged to openly discuss requirements and to collaborate with industry and academia to obtain the best approach for developing technology. OTA projects are awarded on a Firm Fixed Price basis, and payments are made based on measurable milestone achievements. Clients also retain technical control and management of their projects, can specify project management requirements, and may impose other requirements unique to their needs and acquisition policies.