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SSI Security Portfolio

Strategic Solutions Integrated (SSI), Inc., delivers expert tailored services and solutions to our clients’ security, insider threat and counterintelligence (CI) programs. We provide mission critical capabilities to enhance our client’s security posture and ensure compliance with the always evolving national security requirements. 

Security Services:

  • Development of executable policy to protect our client’s unique critical information, technology and

  • Conduct Risk Management assessments to identify security, insider threat and CI risks and

  • Develop and implement countermeasures to mitigate security, insider and CI threats.

  • Perform independent security compliance and self-inspections to determine health and welfare of a
        security program.

  • Provide connections to innovative and cutting edge IT protection programs mapped to continuous evaluation capability.

  • Development of remediation plans to correct non-compliance issues identified during inspections.

Insider Threat:

  • Development and implementation of an Insider Threat Program to comply with government

  • Deliver an automated continuous evaluation capability that identifies public records and social media

  • Provide insider threat risk indicators by company employees

  • Supply an automated capability to identify harmful threats around events, facilities and individuals.

  • Development of an insider threat employee awareness training program and onsite training.


  • Provide "Moving Target Defense" through dynamic partitioning

  • Eliminate static systems through rapid, 5-second cycling to continuously reset applications to a known good state

  • Binary scrambling

Counterintelligence Programs:

  • Development of a CI Program which when incorporated into the company’s security suite further
        enhances the facilities security program.

  • Development of CI training programs and onsite training.

Ancillary Services Provided:

  • Ability to conduct a variety of independent and unbiased inquiries and investigations.

  • Facility Design, Construction and Accreditation of security facilities.

  • Provide subject matter experts to respond to any clients’ urgent security, CI or Insider Threat needs.

  • Vulnerability Assessments