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SSI Personnel
Manfred "Fred" Bernard - Director of Security
Manfred (Fred) Bernard is a veteran of the United States Air Force and served in the United States Government for 40 years with more than 26 years in Federal Law Enforcement.  He was the sole undercover agent during Joint USAF and German Law Enforcement undercover operations to penetrate the outer ring of Red Army Faction. Special Agent Bernard managed and provided CI, counter espionage, counter terrorism, and other criminal investigative services to maintain the operational integrity of a Secretary of Defense Directed, Secretary of the Air Force implemented Special Access Program (SAP). He directed security vulnerability assessments at over fifty SAP training sites for the conduct of secure, low visibility operations without risk of compromise. Special Agent Bernard managed AFOSI's Fugitive Apprehension Program and coordinated with US Attorney's and the United States Marshal's Service resulting in the capture of 38 fugitives to date.  He managed AFOSI Undercover Program while providing oversight for all investigations related to drug and smuggling offenses, customs violations, and black market activities. During his assignment at the Pentagon, Special Agent In- Charge Bernard managed 6 AFOSI Operating Locations (OL) and the day-to-day operations of a 300 person, 600 million dollar special Air Force program and was the Air Force lead for counterintelligence (CI) and operational security of a Secretary of Defense directed USSOCOM SAP. Mr. Bernard has extensive knowledge of rules of evidence, criminal procedures, and court decisions concerning admissibility of evidence, constitutional rights, and search and seizure procedures. Special Agent (ret) Bernard is fluent in German and an expert marksman in multiple weapons.
Paul Haraldsen - Senior Security Consultant/Insider Threat

Paul has over thirty-nine years’ experience within the U.S. government concentrating on National Level Security and Counterintelligence (CI) Matters.  He is the Founder and President of a successful Veteran Owned Small Business Consulting Group; Integrity Solutions Consulting Group, LLC. He is a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer with extensive experience in CI, Counterespionage (CE) and Criminal investigations and operations, Insider Threat development, as well as Security Support to Special Access Programs (SAPS). He has expert knowledge and experience in all CI/CE, Security, and Insider Threat disciplines. He is a member of the National Industrial Security Policy working group currently developing National Level Security and Insider Threat requirements for Industry. Paul supported the Chief Security Officer, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as his strategic Security and CI policy advisor. He developed Security and CI policy directives and instructions for DHS SAPs, which were subsequently adopted and signed the DHS Secretary.  Additionally, he assisted the CSO with developing requirements for a successful Insider Threat program. During his assignment to the Pentagon, Paul  was the Director, Security/CI Policy, Program Compliance Inspection Oversight and Security Education and Training, Office of the Administrative Assistant, Secretary of the Air Force.   During this assignment, he was responsible for Security and CI strategic policy development, oversight of security compliance inspections at government and industry locations and development of security and education programs for DoD SAPs.  Prior to his Pentagon assignment , Paul was the Special Agent in Charge, Boston, MA, responsible for the oversight and supervision of Special Agents and Security Officers responsible for conducting CI investigations and providing security support for DoD SAPs totaling over $3.5B. As a Special Agent throughout the U.S and Europe he investigated several murder investigations resulting in indictments and convictions; counterintelligence investigations resulting in the identification and neutralization of spies from the former USSR and East Germany; and numerous successful counterdrug operations. Paul is a Criminal Justice Major, State University of New York.
Chuck Loomis – Senior Consultant
Chuck Loomis (Lt Col, USAF, retired) has over thirty-five years of experience as an Air Force officer and a defense contractor for USAF, Joint Forces and OSD programs. A graduate of Colgate University, he earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University, and benefited from many professional and specialty courses throughout his USAF and defense contracting careers.  His Air Force tours took him to South East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia), the UK, Germany, and Japan where he worked in, built and led operational intelligence units supporting multiple USAF aircraft missions.  He was with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Bonn when the Berlin Wall came down and was among the initial intelligence headquarters cadre shaping Strategic Air Command and Tactical Air Command into today’s Air Combat Command (ACC).  Retiring from the Air Force, he was employed by several defense contractors in the Tidewater and Northern Virginia areas supporting ACC, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Forces Command, and the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) missions including the Chairman's Joint Training System, joint intelligence training requirements, battlespace electronic visualization and analysis, and  information operations training.  Chuck was instrumental in developing the Interagency porfolio for JIEDDO as well as intelligence modeling & simulation visualization development.  He also facilitated negotiation of mutually beneficial government and non-government agency relationships.  His experience and expertise includes multi-service, joint, and combined intelligence work at tactical, operational, and strategic warfighting levels to include extensive experience in the national and defense agency network. 
Daniel Maguire- Senior Security Consultant/Special Missions 

Dan has 43+ years of experience working with the United States Defense Department in numerous positions supporting both operational and intelligence requirements.  Dan is a retired Army Colonel, former Army Defense Intelligence Senior Level Officer (SES) and combat veteran with worldwide experience conducting special missions in support of national security requirements.  He is a graduate of West Point as well as the National War College where he earned a Master's Degree in National Security Policy.  During his military service, Dan served in multiple leadership positions in Special Operations and Intelligence organizations. He held positions from an "A-team" Commander in 10th Special Forces Group and Senior Intelligence Officer in 7th Special Forces Group  to Battalion Command  in the 902nd Military Intelligence Brigade.  He also served in numerous assignments with the Defense HUMINT Service of DIA.  His tours have included Operational Base Commander for a Joint Special Operations Task Force during the Bosnia conflict and Commander of the Intelligence Transition Team In Iraq as a Flag-level Civilian.  Dan also served as the Security Director for Middle East and South East Asia for the 51,000 personnel of LOGCAP Program based in Iraq, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Dubai.  Dan also was assigned to  multiple senior level staff assignments serving as the Special Assistant to the Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support to the Central Intelligence Agency and as the Director of Counter-Terrorism Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. His expertise spans the full scope of Special Operations and Intelligence activities.  His most recent assignment was as the Director of Strategy, Plans and Engagement (J5) for Special Operations Command Africa, a position he held for 5 years before retiring from Civil Service.  During his time with SOCAFRICA, Dan led the development of counterterrorism partnership activities with critical African partners throughout the Continent; and, was instrumental in developing relationships with NATO Special Operations Forces with strategic interests in Africa as well as combined associations with the European Command (EUCOM) and the NATO SOF HQ that resulted in numerous joint missions.   

Maciek Wozniak -  Senior Consultant/Europe/NATO

Maciek has more than 25 years of professional experience in the military and served in both diplomatic and NATO assignments.  He is a retired Colonel from the Polish Armed Forces who demonstrated very successfully the ability to conduct complex operations with multiple partner countries throughout Europe.   His ability to master the language and negotiation nuances required for the economic, logistics, IT and financial practices were key in his success in paving the way for the first US forces to be stationed in the territory of the Republic of Poland.  Working as a diplomat for the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC, he was responsible for ensuring that the procurement, sourcing, supplier development, supply chain and logistics procedures within the Polish and US aerospace and defense industry were accurately carried out.   Maciek was key to the early Polish Armed Forces modernization programs and a central figure in advocating the advancement of Polish industry suppliers and providing opportunities for strategic partners.  As a liaison officer, Maciek was also responsible for promoting the Polish military industry in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, the USA and Ukraine.  In his last diplomatic position, he served as an expert in end to end supply chain for Poland as well as all phases of development, and production programs to include the F-16 offset program.  Maciek was selected as a member of the IPT group for Polish F-16 and C-130 development of NATO Multinational Corps North-East where he gained a strong understanding of Foreign Military Sales.  He gained experience in FMS and subcontract management for F-16 parts and pilot training.  Maciek is fluent in Polish, English, German and Russian.  He has a Master's Degree and post master education in management, journalism, and public relations.