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Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc - Bringing Access, Innovation and Vision Together for our Customer
Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc (SSI) is a Veteran-Owned Small Business headquartered in Fairfax County, VA.  SSI specializes in providing unique access opportunities to international and domestic as well as government and industry leaders in a wide variety of disciplines.  We have extensive experience in networking and business growth strategies and excel at ensuring our customers have the best opportunities to meet their company goals.  SSI's primary focus area is in finding disruptive technologies and assisting the customer in bringing it to market.
SSI Consultants Provide:
  • Access to government and commercial industry leadership
  • Government with independent analysis and assessment, subject matter expertise, concept development and advisory support
  • An opportunity to understand and leverage government requirements, capability gaps and needs, and the funding picture
  • An understanding of the strategic environment and its impact on the future direction of government  initiatives and the opportunities offered
  • Consulting expertise in key cylinders of industry - Defense (Policy Development, Intelligence, Special Operations, Counter-Intelligence, Combating WMD, Bio-forensics,  Infectious Disease Expertise, Joint IED Defeat, Cyber Security), Homeland Security, Security Training (Federal, State, Local),  and Space Systems
  • Assistance with high-level exposure of innovative, disruptive technology platforms to government, commercial, and private parties
  • Assistance to U.S. companies pursuing international business interests 
  • Specialized expertise in Eastern Europe
  • Fluency in English, German, French, Polish, and Russian
  • Immense experience without an immense price
  • Short-term and long-term assistance
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